For generations, San Francisco has been a place of great opportunity. The neighborhoods of District 7 represent San Francisco’s best: a place where middle class families could own a home, educate their children and enjoy quality of life.

At its core, District 7 is about neighborhoods where people look out for one another in a safe, vibrant community. On West Portal and Ocean Avenue, small business owners are employing thousands of San Francisco workers. Homeowners across our district pay the property taxes that fund important priorities like public safety. Young people are preparing for the future at City College, San Francisco State University and in our public, parochial and independent schools.

San Francisco’s future deserves energetic, honest and hardworking leadership represents our shared values. That’s why I’m running for Supervisor.

A neighborhood Supervisor can’t do everything, but together with the people of our district, I know we can keep San Francisco safe and successful for generations to come.

Public Safety

San Francisco has the highest per capita rate of property crime in the nation. Here in District 7, the broken glass from car break-ins is just one sign of the challenge. Physical assaults and home invasions will continue unless we have strong leadership that supports law enforcement in preventing and controlling crime.

I will:

  • Fight to make sure San Francisco has enough police officers to meet the demands of our growing City.
  • Support common sense reform of the Police Department while respecting the men and women who put their lives on the line in our neighborhoods.
  • Ensure that our officers have the tools, training and equipment they need, including Tasers.

Quality of Life

The Board of Supervisors has failed to make quality of life a priority. When tent encampments were sprouting up across the City, some supervisors were more interested in talking about a 14-day notice than proposing real solutions that take people off our streets and connect them to services that transform their lives. And basics like road repaving, graffiti abatement and street cleaning are ignored.

I will:

  • Support the active enforcement of quality of life laws that prevent camping on sidewalks and prohibit aggressive panhandling.
  • Demand accountability from City departments to ensure that streets and facilities in our district get the resources they need to reach a state of good repair.
  • Track District 7 quality of life complaints received in the supervisor’s office and actually work directly with neighbors and City agencies to get them fixed.

Fiscal Discipline

Every District 7 family has to make choices to balance our household budgets, but City Hall simply charges more and delivers less for our neighborhoods. Our current supervisor thinks that raising fees and increasing taxes at every turn is the answer. I believe we need to start by asking whether San Franciscans are getting our money’s worth from government.

I will:

  • Use my experience in finance to root out waste, fraud and abuse to ensure that vital City services are funded.
  • Oppose tax and fee increases that squeeze working families out of the middle class.
  • Support regular audits of every City department on a rotating schedule, based on relative risk to the City and taxpayers.

Neighborhood Character

District 7 is home to many active neighborhood organizations who have defended the character of our neighborhoods. The current Supervisor supported damaging projects unanimously opposed by neighbors, like a vape shop on Ocean Avenue, and then took contributions from their lobbyists.

We deserve a Supervisor who will work directly with neighborhood organizations to ensure that new projects meet neighborhood design standards and provide adequate infrastructure.

I will:

  • Demand that senior Planning staff meet on a regular basis with neighborhood leaders, not just developers.
  • Require, as a matter of law, that the Planning Department inform neighborhood organizations before introducing significant rezoning proposals.
  • Request that any large project sponsor address how their proposal will provide adequate infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion, improve environmental quality and keep San Francisco affordable.

Ethics and Good Government

Pay-to-play politics gets in the way of sound public policy and real results for our neighborhoods. The incumbent has raised thousands from lobbyists and special interests—and has a voting record to match.

I refuse contributions from lobbyists registered with the San Francisco Ethics Commission, have accepted the spending limit in this race, and support lobbying reforms that the incumbent opposed.

I will: