Ben Matranga’s Plan for Safer Neighborhoods.
Endorsed by Police Officers, Firefighters, Deputy Sheriffs & D.A. Investigators.

1. Focus on addressing neighborhood and quality of life crimes.

Recent data from the F.B.I. show that San Francisco has the highest per-capita property crime rate of the nation’s top 50 cities. Ben Matranga supports Proposition R, a measure on the local ballot that would create a neighborhood crime unit to address property crimes, car break-ins and quality of life crimes like graffiti and tent encampments. Investigating neighborhood crime and quality of life violations should be a top City priority.

Supervisor Yee is working to weaken Prop. R by putting forward a different plan that would stop neighborhood enforcement of quality of life violations. Yee also opposes Proposition Q to deal with the tent encampments on our streets and has done little to address these key challenges facing our City.

2. Hire enough police officers to meet the needs of our growing City.

Ben Matranga supports hiring more police officers to meet the Charter mandated goal of 1,971 officers. He also supports increasing minimum police staffing to 2,200 officers to account for population growth.

Supervisor Yee voted against hiring more police officers at the Board of Supervisors. He joined Supervisors who said, “There is no direct correlation between police spending and crime rates,” and “Crime does not grow proportionally with population.” That’s not the leadership District 7 needs at City Hall.

3. Improve Street Safety for Seniors & Pedestrians by making needed street safety improvements.

Ben Matranga served as San Francisco’s first street safety director, building more than 13 miles of transportation improvements on time and under budget. His focus on street safety will continue on the Board of Supervisors to install pedestrian safety improvements and reduce pedestrian deaths.

Ben knows the challenges: speeding on 19th Avenue and Teresita Boulevard, roads in need of repair and key intersections that are simply unsafe. He will work in every neighborhood to make the infrastructure improvements needed to keep streets safe.

4. Improve Ambulance Response Times.

The San Francisco Civil Grand Jury says that there is a “chronic lack of serviceable ambulances.” The jury foreperson said “[f]or example, people who live in the western part of San Francisco may have longer waits for ambulances than people who live say in the downtown part of San Francisco.”

Ben Matranga will provide the funding, equipment, training and leadership to improve ambulance response times to West Side neighborhoods. He’ll work with Fire Department leadership, firefighters and paramedics to make sure we get the coverage we deserve.

5. Prevent Crime Before It Starts by Investing in At-Risk Kids.

District 7 is home to Juvenile Hall, where young people have the chance to turn their lives around after coming into contact with the criminal justice system. We have to begin crime prevention at the earliest stages by linking these youth with education, job and training opportunities. These smart investments now will save taxpayers thousands of dollars down the road.

Ben Matranga will work with these young people, law enforcement and social service providers to make sure they are able to advance their education and gain the skills needed to make better life choices.