Meet Ben

Meet Ben Matranga

Ben Matranga’s family arrived in San Francisco with the wave of Southern Italian immigrants around the turn of the century. From selling fruit at the waterfront to running local small businesses, Ben’s family demonstrated that with hard work, faith and a love of San Francisco, anything is possible.

Ben became interested in public service early, watching his father work for the Controller to safeguard taxpayer funds. He learned from his mother’s stories about working to ensure public safety with the Chief of Police. His parents’ hard work and sacrifice allowed them to purchase a home in Forest Hill, where they raised four children and reside today.

Meet Ben Matranga

While attending Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, Ben earned an internship with the San Francisco Ethics Commission, where he filed lobbyist reports and became concerned about the role of special interest money in elections.

Ben was appointed to the San Francisco Youth Commission by Barbara Kaufman. He discovered that collecting fees for public swimming pools cost more than the revenue it generated and denied low-income kids the chance to swim. Through the work of Ben and his colleagues, the City eliminated the wasteful fees for youth summer programs.

Ben earned his BA in Economics and Political Science and his MPA in Public Policy and Finance from New York University. For nearly a decade, he worked with entrepreneurs rebuilding vital infrastructure in war-torn countries in Africa and Latin America. Ben served on the Board of Directors for four companies, alongside representatives from the World Bank and sovereign governments.

Ben Matranga

Ben knew he could use this infrastructure building experience to benefit his hometown and accepted a position created to tackle a sharp increase in pedestrian fatalities. Joining the City to oversee the Vision Zero plan to improve street safety, Ben cut red tape and delivered more than 13 miles of street safety improvements on time and under budget.

Despite making significant progress, leaders across District 7 consistently reported that our neighborhoods weren’t getting our fair share of resources or respect, and that the current representation is out of step with our values and inattentive to quality of life concerns. Ben Matranga is running for neighborhood Supervisor to reclaim our neighborhood seat.

Ben and his wife Daniela met in high school and are homeowners in the West Portal neighborhood.